Storage Safety

As underground storage facilities keep the stored product deep under the surface of the earth and can, as a rule, only be accessed by drilling, the stored medium is very well protected against forces of nature, damage and even violent attacks.

In cases where incidents occur on the surface, the sub-surface part is safely sealed off from the rest of the facility by means of automatically closing shut-off valves. The risk that fire could encroach on the subsurface part of the storage facility, or that it could explode, is virtually impossible as there is no influx of oxygen.

In the planning, construction and management of the surface equipment, all aspects concerning safety are systematically taken into account. These are also part of the operation plans submitted to the mining authorities and are taken into account in both special technical solutions (surveillance and warning systems, fire extinguishing systems, installation of rapidly closing valves etc.) and in planned measures for preventing and controlling damage. Any remaining risks are assessed in terms of any possible repercussions – and suitable countermeasures for minimising risk are defined.

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