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SEW, Safety Evaluation of Wells, is a piece of simulation software developed by UGS that supports the safety-related assessment of wells in different states of ageing and load conditions.

SEW – Safety Evaluation of Wells

The well is set up with its corresponding operation parameters as realistically as possible for assessing its integrity in SEW. Some of the main points here are:

  • a definition of its geological characteristics with the respective corresponding formation properties (malleable/not malleable), pressure conditions, potential for corrosion, density, heat conductivity etc. for each stratum.
  • a detailed description of the drilling path (for directional drilling)
  • the precise execution of the well completion with the aid of element databases (e.g. dependent on the casing string, landing nipple, dimensional transitions, different types of packer etc.)
  • a definition of the casing strings in terms of dimension, material, transition between the completion elements etc.
  • different phases in the life of the individual casing strings can also be taken into account (e.g. conditions on the casing strings during the leaching process and the later storage operation with cavern wells).
  • trend analyses and calculations carried out with the aid of input parameters (e.g. wall thickness reduction through corrosion over a given time period).
  • measurements that have been carried out can be taken into account (e.g. wall thicknesses, ovalities).
  • a possible simulation of the different parameter variations in terms of the load conditions that occur.


As a result, the loads in the completion are calculated from the given parameters. With the aid of the previously defined material parameters, a safety coefficient is calculated and compared with the applicable standards or operator criteria.

Through continuous further development, the integrity assessment takes place with the Safety Evaluation of Wells software in accordance with applicable standards

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