Operation Management

With our modular service approach, we provide efficient, reliable and safe solutions for the operation of all process facilities related to underground storage, covering process management, maintenance and dispatching. Customers have the opportunity here to choose from individual service options and combinations of these, right through to complete operation management by specialists.

These services include:

  • waste management
  • allocation
  • occupational safety
  • operation and observation
  • standby service
  • operation documentation
  • dispatching
  • hazardous materials management
  • health and safety management
  • inspections
  • commissioning
  • matching
  • nominations
  • organisational responsibility
  • process management
  • process optimisation
  • remote operation from the UGS control room
  • health and safety documentation
  • breakdown management
  • accessibility
  • maintenance
  • re-commissioning
  • periodic inspections
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