The Company

Our traditional engineering and service company specialises in underground storage technology – and its history can be traced back to the very beginning of this industry in Germany. Located in Mittenwalde, in front of the gates of Berlin, our company was privatised in 1991 and has become one of the market leaders in the industry today. Many years of experience in the project management, construction and operation of underground storage facilities, coupled with a wide variety of technical innovations has led to a swift assimilation of the new economic conditions.

UGS GmbH satisfies both private and public clients from all over Germany and abroad with its capability and flexibility.

Secure, efficient and environmentally friendly storage facilities are in much demand to ensure stable supply and quickly and reliably compensate for any fluctuations in the energy market. On our own, and together with well-known research institutes and companies, our specialists have been developing new solutions which aim to benefit our customers and open up further areas of deployment for underground storage.

Our committed team at UGS is also facing up to the increasing future demands of the market with its well-founded know-how and innovative technology.

Ever since its foundation, UGS aspires to the highest levels of quality. That is what makes our company stand out. Quality is the objective in all our company’s technical, organisational and operative measures. Combining extensive planning with flexible project implementation to meet qualitative criteria is no accident. It is the result of many years of constantly improving working methods for achieving the best possible results.

With us at UGS, quality always goes hand in hand with innovation – as quality requirements in engineering and operative projects can only be met if technical challenges are overcome through innovative solutions. This level of quality can only be ensured if projects are processed by our well-trained employees. That is why UGS sets great store in the further training of its employees to keep them abreast of the latest developments in the national and international market.

For us, meeting quality requirements means working with well-known, proven and experienced subcontractors. To do this, UGS GmbH ensures its subcontractors’ and suppliers’ product quality through compliance with all the qualifications and certifications that conform with the most up-to-date national and international technical developments.

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