Occupational Health and Safety

To keep consistently up to date with occupational health and safety requirements, UGS GmbH has regular audits carried out by independent appraisers and through certification in compliance with SCCP-Petrochemie, among others, and the employers liability insurance association.

A special health and safety document (HSD) is required for work on drilling sites and underground storage construction sites in Germany. This document describes all the preventive and administrative measures undertaken to ensure safety as well as protection of health and the environment. This HSD is available at every drilling and construction site and describes the basis of all the work to be carried out. It is adapted to the local conditions at each site and the specific requirements of the work to be carried out. It is also supplemented with the special requirements stipulated by the contracting client.

In addition to compliance with statutory health and safety requirements, UGS GmbH also ensures that illnesses, injuries, burns and damage to equipment are avoided through predictive and preventive action.

It is the responsibility of each and every manager, as well as the toolpusher, to protect the health and physical integrity of their employees and other people involved at all times. UGS GmbH also encourages self-discipline among all its employees as well as an awareness of their own responsibility to keep healthy and avoid any accidents. This is promoted through a targeted incentive scheme.

With work outside Germany, the laws and regulations that apply in the given country are also taken into account.

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