Protecting the Environment

UGS would like to keep any negative influence of its business activities on the environment as low as possible. The company is fully aware that it also carries out work that entails a certain potential to damage the environment.

In full awareness of this responsibility, all our work is carried out in a way that takes all requirements for protecting the environment into account. Of special importance for us here is:

  • to prevent the release of any hazardous substances resulting from damage events.
  • to minimise the accumulation of waste and pollutants and ensure that they are disposed of correctly.
  • to carry out work within the permitted noise exposure limits.
  • to provide anti-breakdown/emergency plans to overcome any eventualities that could damage the environment.
  • to require all employees to understand that protecting the environment as an integral part of the company’s business activities and to observe, comply with and implement all the statutory provisions, regulations and standards relating to this.
  • to promote and practice the resource-saving use of materials and energy.
  • to endeavour to use as little of the natural ground surface as possible in the planning and implementation of construction projects.
  • to take all our clients’ environmental standards comprehensively into account.
  • to require all our subcontractors to comply with the statutory environmental provisions as well as the standards set by UGS GmbH.
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