CARE© is a software-supported operation data capture and evaluation system that is deployed in underground storage facilities in porous and fissured rock formations – and has been developed with significant participation by UGS.

The CARE© (Well Pass)

The Well Pass module is a database system with graphic assessment functions for the administration of storage and well data. It particularly covers the following information:

  • borehole completion data. User-specific interfaces allow the capture and administration of data on the completion of wells with their installation parts, backfills etc.
  • geological data. Storage of the lithological and stratigraphic data of a well is a useful extension of the available storage facility databases from a geological point of view.
  • borehole measurement data. A great many borehole measurements accrue during the lifetime of a well. These are managed in the Well Pass database system.

Interpretation of all data is made easier by combining technical information with geological data and measurement values in a visual display format. At the same time, it improves the way the actual performance capability of the wells is understood. The protocols created from the Well Pass module enable audit-proof verification of the technical structure of the wells within their own company as well as towards contracting clients and authorities.

Characterisation of the program

CARE© is a modular software system for supporting the subsurface process management of underground gas storage facilities in porous and fissured rock formations. CARE© extends the conventional control system for surface equipment. It consists of the Operation Management, Well Test and CARE© Operation Management modules.

The Operation Management module takes over the following functions:

  • calculation of nominal value distributions for gas injection and withdrawal rates. After specifying an overall nominal value for the gas injection or withdrawal, CARE© calculates a nominal value for each individual well. With the aid of rules, limitations and priorities, the reservoir engineer can then influence the allocation to the wells. The results of the calculation are transferred to the control system as recommendations.
  • forecasting performance. The performance is calculated in advance for each individual well. This can answer the question of whether the planned gas withdrawal quantity can be reached or not. The forecast function supports the reservoir engineer in strategic decisions regarding the gas injection and withdrawal process.
  • development of schedules for gas injection and withdrawal. In drafting schedules with CARE©, the plausibility and feasibility of the demands are checked against the performance of the storage facility and its wells. This enables the most efficient operation and, consequently, contributes to increasing the lifetime of the stock of wells in the facility.
  • adapting the parameters. Important parameters change in the course of an injection or withdrawal process, and these are significant for the precision of calculations made through CARE©. CARE© monitors the permitted pressure ranges of these parameters and enables interactive adaptation of the parameters. Potential breaches to limit values can be predicted on this basis.
  • Well Pass. Used individually or together, to contribute to the optimisation of storage operation. CARE© is a joint development by ELPRO ( and Untergrundspeicher- und Geotechnologie-Systeme GmbH.
  • The Operation Management module has the following performance characteristics:
  • An online link to the control system. The online link to the control system enables an event-driven or cyclical reading of data from the process, specification of nominal values as well as the generation of alarms and reports in the control system.
  • Interfaces to ECLIPSE© and MS Office©. CARE© has interfaces through which measurement values can be exported to ECLIPSE© and MS Office©. This allows additional investigations and assessments to be carried out.
  • Graphic displays incorporate current or historic measurement values as well as calculated magnitudes displayed in user-specific graphics. Intelligent processes help with the adoption of the graphics settings. This is especially helpful when there are many wells to look after in the storage facility.

The CARE© Well Test

The Well Test module enables the rapid and efficient assessment of well tests after a previously defined process as well as an assessment of any changes in performance in comparison with earlier test results. It has the following functions:

  • Workflow. The Workflow function guides the testing engineer through the necessary sequence of individual steps for determining the well and storage parameters. That way it enables a rapid and reliable assessment of test data.
  • Calculation of well performance data. The performance of the wells is displayed in the form of diagrams of characteristics using the Minsky or Rawlins Schellhardt method. This gives the reservoir engineer access to the performance data necessary for interpreting potential performance areas. These diagrams form the basis for all further calculations in the Operation Management module.
  • Import/Export functions. Numerous interfaces for importing test data – and exporting input and results data – enable offline use of the Well Test module when working in the field.

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