PCL 5 – 3D leaching simulation software developed by UGS GmbH

PCL 5 - Planning for Cavern Leaching - is interactive software for 3D simulation of transient dissolving processes in salt caverns during the leaching process (incl. leaching, filling and solution mining under gas), the storage of fluid products and the flooding of emptied-out caverns with fresh water or unsaturated brine with a cavern structure around a vertical axis. For several common data formats it is possible to import a starting configuration determined by sonar. During the calculations, development of the cavern contours is shown on the monitor in real time.



PCL 5 can take both the salt properties into account as they vary with depth (in sloping salt layers) as well as any anisotropic dissolving behaviour within these layers.

If required, pressure loss calculations can be carried out for perpendicular and s-shaped wells. The necessary thermo-physical material properties are determined by the program as a function of pressure and temperature.

What makes PCL stand out is the high speed of its calculations. This enables interactive adaptation of leaching parameters and, consequently, immediate assessment of the calculation results. A history match is enabled by importing data from the actual bleaching operation, on the basis of which, the defined limit conditions can be further refined for subsequent simulations.

The program was primarily developed as a tool for experienced leaching engineers but, in consequence of its various software modes, it can also be used both for planning (in edit mode) and for examination purposes (in viewing mode without the simulation option). PCL is available in German and English and includes an online user handbook.

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