Services from a single source

The great strength of Untergrundspeicher- und Geotechnologie-Systeme GmbH (UGS) is that all its services come from one company. By connecting project management, engineering and drilling/workover facilities with operation management, solutions develop that take all aspects into account and ensure safe and efficient operation.

“In addition to its highly professional approach and many years of experience, UGS is able to respond flexibly to any new challenges.”

Our Services

Our services comprise investigations into potential structures for underground storage as well as the planning, construction and management of subsurface and surface storage facilities. This requires special know-how and coordinated collaboration between different scientific and technical disciplines.

Our Innovations

In addition to our highly professional approach and many years of experience, we are able to respond flexibly to any new challenges at UGS. Consequently our company commits itself to research into new market requirements, cooperates with well-known universities and institutes and develops specific equipment and software, as well as solutions for complex tasks.


UGS has already provided services at almost all storage locations in Germany. Now we are increasingly facing the challenges of the international market.

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