We offer complete engineering planning and supervisory services based on geological investigations, the technical conditions and customer requirements, in the context of exploration, development and performance of underground storage, brine extraction, geothermals and similar projects. Handling of renewable energy media, e.g. hydrogen, form an integral part of underground storage. We are able to develop special technical solutions thanks to extensive experience in the areas of installation, optimisation, operation and decommissioning of underground stores, geothermals objects and similar projects.

The collaboration between interdisciplinary project teams at UGS GmbH enables us to implement any underground and surface facilities components. In addition, we have expertise as a turnkey supplier of specific underground and surface components.

Our task areas include:


  • Location and feasibility studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Project, security and quality management
  • Draft, detailed and implementation planning
  • Approval planning, authorities engineering
  • Implementation/assistance with procurement of materials and services
  • Construction monitoring and commissioning
  • Investment and operating cost estimates (CAPEX/OPEX)
  • Scheduling and cost planning including tracking
  • Hazard assessments, risk analyses
  • Case-specific 3D simulations/modelling
  • 3D planning and construction (underground/overground)
  • Technical documentation

Underground technology

  • Exploration and selection of suitable locations
  • Structural set-up, 3D structural modelling
  • Drilling and storage geology
  • Groundwater monitoring, hydrogeological and thermal assessments
  • Drilling, workovers, re-entries and repairs of exploratory, storage, injection, cavern and geothermal boreholes in aquifer structures, storage sites and existing stores
  • Completions, well interventions including wireline, snubbing and coiled tubing work
  • Leaching, first gas filling operating, flooding and residual drainage of caverns
  • Gravel pack and GFK completions
  • Production, integrity and hydraulic/pneumatic leakage tests in boreholes
  • 3D leaching simulation using UGS Software PCL
  • Implementation of special leaching solutions, such as spray leaching and leaching using gas
  • Welded pipeline installation
  • Assistance with, interpretation and evaluation of open hole and case hole measurements
  • Technical assessments of underground facilities/borehole integrity using UGS Software SEW,
  • Drawing up of factory standards and management manuals
  • Life cycle analyses for boreholes and underground storage facilities
  • Reservoir mechanics, reservoir modelling, efficiency analyses
  • Borehole backfilling
  • Construction of underground equipment, welded pipeline installation
  • Research and development of special solutions and technologies
  • Measurement systems to record axial loads in borehole piping, tension monitoring systems
  • Special underground equipment, e.g. mechanical borehole barriers (spider plug)

Surface technology

  • Thermodynamic modelling and process simulation
  • Design of all process components (devices and facilities)
  • Flowchart (object-based PFD, PID)
  • Arrangement plan
  • 3D pipeline plan
  • Specification and calculation of all pipeline components and controls
  • Component construction and master drawings
  • EMSR – concepts and planning
  • Automation solutions
  • Construction planning
  • Implementation
  • Explosion protection documentation
  • Plant documentation
  • Operating manuals
  • Holding of HAZOP meetings
  • Evaluation of gas mixtures (e.g. store conversion)
  • Analysis and optimization of storage modes of operation
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