Borehole integrity

Borehole integrity covers the permanent structural stability and technical tightness of the well and its completion during its entire construction and operation phase.

Borehole integrity is established by means of two interconnected investigations:

  • tightness tests
  • examination and assessment of the integrity of the borehole

With an increasingly ageing stock of wells, the question arises concerning whether, how long and under what circumstances these wells can continue to be operated safely. The purpose of the tightness test and integrity assessment is to answer just this question.

The tightness tests and the integrity assessment of wells include the application of investigative processes and geophysical, laboratory, technical and mathematical methods for assessing risks in wells with respect to their safe operation and the avoidance of any uncontrolled escape of media into geological formations or to the surface of the earth. The integrity assessment provides statements on the safe further operation of a well, on possible limitations to its operation, on necessary repair or restoration work or – if the worst comes to the worst – on abandoning the well.

The tightness tests and the integrity assessment cover a wide range of

  • investigative processes
  • assessment categories
  • basic data
  • assessment methods
  • results and recommendations.
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