Preserving jobs and fair compensation are of fundamental importance in exercising our socio-economic responsibility. The training of mining technologists, mechatronics engineers and office administrators is in line with our sustainability efforts and promotes the professional and personal development of our trainees. We also help our employees to reconcile family life with their profession.

Acting in a  responsible and forward-looking way and developing innovation are the best provision against economic risk. Our research and development projects are the key to a lasting and successful positioning in our competitive environment. At the same time our constant striving to be leaders in technology ensures a positive effect on the future viability of our company.

We support the energy revolution in Germany with our knowhow in the storage of large quantities of energy underground. Many years of cooperation in research has also tied us to famous colleges, universities and other institutes.

For more than four decades now, we have cultivated our ties with our home town of Mittenwalde. This is because it is important for us to be part of a good neighborhood. For this reason, and in keeping with our means, we have been involved in the development of civic society there, mainly supporting non-commercial and socially oriented initiatives and projects in the town of Mittenwalde.

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