With its excellent professionalism and long-term experiences UGS strives to respond flexibly to any new challenges. Consequently, UGS is closely involved in research activities to meet the latest market demands and develops its own software and solutions for processing complex tasks.

3D Leaching Simulation

Simulation of how rock salt formations dissolve is a must for the planning of leaching processes for storage caverns. PCL is a 3D simulation software program developed by UGS that can cope with this requirement even under difficult geological conditions.

Spider Plug

Occasionally the application of traditional plugging techniques is impossible if cavern necks with large diameters have to be plugged. In such cases, the Spider Plug – specially developed by UGS – can be deployed.

Logging Interpretation

SEW, Safety Evaluation of Wells, is a software developed by UGS which supports the evaluation of integrity in boreholes that have been subject to wear and tear, and in different load case scenarios.


CARE is a software-based data acquisition and analysis system which is used for porous or fissured storage formations. Significant contributions by UGS have helped to develop this system.

TC Friction Welding

Welded installation of casings and tubing has recently become the standard technology for gas storage caverns. Friction Welding is an advanced technique developed to increase the speed of the welding process which, if done manually, is very time consuming.