Health and Safety

To keep consistently up to date with the requirements of health and safety protection UGS subjects itself to regular audits by independent surveyors including certification in accordance with SCC** and by theEmployer’s Liability Insurance Association.

For work carried out on drilling platforms and underground storage construction sites in Germany a special Health and Safety handbook is required, which describes those preventive and administrative measures required by law to guarantee a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible place of work. This handbook is available at every drilling location and construction site and forms the basis for all work that is carried out. The Health and Safety handbook is adapted to take the conditions that characterize each individual drilling, workover and construction site into account, as well as the kind of work to be performed. The handbook is supplemented with specific regulations to satisfy individual customer requirements.

It is alsothe policy of UGS not just to comply with health and safety requirements, as laid down by law, but also to act proactively to prevent any injury, illness, fire and damage to property.

It is the responsibility of all managers, supervisors and tool pushers to ensure that the health and safety of all employees, and others, is safeguarded at all times in the execution of their duties. UGS also requires all employees to recognize that they have a clear duty to exercise self-discipline and accept responsibility in preventing injury to themselves or others. This is promoted through a targeted system of incentives.

If work has to be carried out outside Germany, the national legislation is also taken into account.

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