Legal Framework

In Germany the exploration of prospective geological structures for underground storage, as well as the design, construction, maintenance, modernization, operation and abandonment of underground storage facilities are subject to the Federal Mining Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. According to this law, each investor is obliged to issue work plans in which the scheduled measures and their impact on the local population, the environment and mining safety are described in varying degrees of detail. In the approval procedure, the responsible Area Mining Authority, in consultation with all other relevant authorities, local communities and bodies of public interest, checks and – if they are acceptable – approves these work plans.
UGS has extensive experience in the preparation of work plans and the obtaining of any necessary permissions and approvals. We are also happy to pass this experience on to our clients. UGS is aware that, in some other countries, other approaches – sometimes even completely different ones – may apply with respect to permissions and approvals for underground storage projects and any work connected with this. Where this is the case, UGS is willing to provide any necessary technical support in filing applications with the relevant authorities and also offer their assistance in any necessary discussions.

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