The Environment

UGS strives to keep any negative effects of its business activities as low as possible. UGS is fully aware that it performs operations which may affect the environment. To meet this responsibility, we at UGS carry out our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. We do this by:

  • preventing the accidental release of harmful materials
  • minimiszng waste and using environmentally acceptable means for the disposal of waste and harmful substances
  • ensuring that any noise emissions fall within permissible levels
  • maintaining emergency plans to deal with any eventualities which may affect the environment
  • We encourage all our employees, firstly, to recognise that protecting the environment is an integral part of our company’s business, and, secondly, to comply fully and actively with all the relevant laws, regulations and standards;
  • We cultivate and practice the economical use of all supplies, operational materials and energy;
  • We strive to use up as little natural soil in construction projects as we can;
  • We fully consider the environmental policy of our clients; and
  • We ensure that our subcontractors comply with environmental laws and regulations and that they operate to standards which are consistent with those of UGS.

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