Our Guidelines

Health and Safety

Our highly qualified and committed employees are our greatest asset. So, at UGS, protecting and promoting their health is very important for us.

Quality Assurance

At UGS we constantly strive to improve the quality of our services and products. To support this, we have been running a certified, integrated quality management system since 1996.

The Environment

To keep any negative effects of its business activities on the environment as low as possible UGS manages its resources as carefully and responsibly as they can.


UGS is committed to the principles of sustainability and planning for long term. To do this, it is fundamentally important to realize our socio-economic responsibility towards our employees’ carreers and wellbeing to ensure the successful and stable development of the company.

Legal Framework

In Germany, the exploration, design, construction and operation of underground storage facilities are subject to the mining legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany. This defines the general legal framework for the business activities of UGS.

Storage Security

The underground storage formations are located deep below the earth’s surface and can normally only be accessed by boreholes. They provide excellent protection from natural disasters, accidents – and even from terrorist attacks – for the stored products.