Company History

UGS has emerged from an oil and gas exploration company. In this context our company can look back on exhibit a successful 50 years of company history in the oil and gas industry.


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Foundation of the state-run company VEB Erdöl- und Ergaserkundung Mittenwalde. Its main activities were in oil and gas exploitation and production.


Conversion to the state-run VEB Erdöl-Erdgas Mittenwalde.


Conversion of the state-run VEB Erdöl-Erdgas Mittenwalde to the VEB Untergrundspeicher Mittenwalde company . Its new activities included the underground storage of gas, oil and petrochemical products. Continuation of oil and gas production.


VEB UGS Mittenwalde became the leading company within the state-run industrial group Kombinat Gasanlagen. Construction of gas pipelines and infrastructure facilities in Ukraine and Russia (Ural region).


Disincorporation of the private company Untergrundspeicher- und Geotechnologie-Systeme GmbH (UGS) from the state-run VEB UGS. Business focus on core activities in underground storage.


Privatization finalized.


The French company Géostock S.A. purchased 60% of the UGS shares.