Subsurface Engineering

We realize the engineering and supervision of drilling processes, the leaching of caverns and the completion of drilling and storage on the basis of geological investigations, technical circumstances and customer requirements. We also carry out cased hole measurements, the running-in of welded tubing and casings as well as the construction of subsurface equipment for special applications.

  • Planning of drillings, workover services, re-entries and repairs
  • Completion and re-completion of wells
  • Well interventions
  • Planning of snubbing and coiled tubing jobs
  • Backfill of wells and caverns
  • Leaching, flooding and first-gas-filling of caverns
  • 3D leaching simulation with high performance software
  • Solution mining under gas
  • Casing inspections, borehole measurements
  • Technical assessments
  • Lifecycle analyses for storage facilities
  • Running-in of welded tubing and casings
  • Working with the authorities
  • Construction supervision
  • Design of subsurface equipment
  • Working on research and development issues


By courtesy of SOCON

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