Untergrundspeicher- und Geotechnologie-Systeme GmbH (UGS) is an engineering and service company that specializes in the exploration, design, construction and operation of underground storage facilities for gaseous and liquid products.

Our Services

With more than 40 years of experience UGS provides comprehensive services that include the exploration of potential structures and the planning, construction and operation of facilities for underground storage. We use our unique know-how in our work to coordinate specialists from a wide range of technical field. Click here to learn more about our services.

Our Guidelines

Our clients’ requirements always have top priority in guiding the way of work. Our services are built on a firm foundation of safety, quality, environmental protection and sustainability. Additionally exercising our socio-economic responsibility is something we see as fundamental for the successful, long-term development of our company.

Our Company

The great strength of Untergrundspeicher- und Geotechnologie-Systeme GmbH (UGS) is that we can provide a whole range of services under one roof. By combining project management and engineering with drilling and workover equipment in a single company, solutions emerge that take all aspects into account and guarantee that storage operation is safe and efficient.